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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pudgy Larry and the Walking Dead

In less than 60 minutes yesterday morning the Sunday talk shows, inadvertently of course, put on a display of America’s dearth of leadership. A good digital editor could do a five minute You Tube presentation and stick it in a time capsule to make life easy for future historians looking back and analyzing the mess that is now America.

First we had little Larry Summers looking fat, pudgy and disinterested. Barely containing his disdain for the ignorant questions being posed he avoided any form of direct response and regurgitated incoherent blatherings designed to say “We’re the good guys; the fools are to blame.” To wit: The Obama administration has inherited the eight trillion dollars of future debt that will occur. Huh? We all know by now that the Obama administration is a self designated garbage crew, on the scene to clean up messes created by their predecessor. Apparently this means they either did not understand the situation they asked to take over or they want to deflect any current or future responsibility for dealing with it. Neither case bodes well for those being lead. But the future messes are also not of their doing? The $787 billion of payments to labor unions and public sector employees across the land is the problem of the Bushies? The $1.1 trillion that the organizer is about to bestow upon a few hundred thousand bureaucrats and apparatchiks earning almost double the average American paycheck; many of them making more than $100,000.00 per year. That’s Bushies fault too? Huh? Remember that pudgy Larry was fired by the faculty of Harvard, a group that bears more than a small amount of responsibility for the messes in Washington DC and Wall Street USA. No honor among thieves in Cambridge.

Enough about pudgy Larry because the pudgette Romer showed up on another channel. We have to plead guilty to not having a clue about what she said. We don’t even know what she does. We are unable to watch her so we take a lesser plea of nolo contendere. Perhaps a more tolerant observer would care to step to her defense. But we have one simple observation: There is a great opportunity for a weight watchers franchise in Washington DC.

But the Sunday piece de resistance was the return from the dead of the vampire Greenspan. This one creature bears more responsibility for the messes with the possible exception of Bush II and Lon Cheney. Seated to the right of the undead was the charlatan cum perfomer known as Cramer. This is the fool who helps you lose, ‘er we mean invest, the few remaining dollars in your IRA and 401k. When we saw this lineup we promptly turned up the volume. Oh boy we thought this is gonna be good. Cramer has on occasion derided the undead for many mistakes and bad judgments and here they were, seated together in bright daylight. The undead was going to catch it now. Oh boy. Wait until Cramer starts in on him. This is gonna be good. And then….NOTHING. Not a word. NOTHING. NOTHING!!!!

And then, later in the day, who pops up but the great leader himself. Just a few years ago he was hustling favors in the Illinois legislature, a hotbed of fiscal responsibility and the development of great leaders. Now he's solving global warming, health care, military strategy issues and creating jobs.  What does he say?  He blames it on the bankers. What? He bailed them out didn’t he? Why didn’t he fire them? Why didn’t he break them up? Why didn’t he bring in new leaders, some of his cronies from Springfield Illinois perhaps? He’s ready to sign the bill giving pay raises to the apparatchiks and bureaucrats making hundreds of thousands of dollars. A pay raise?  Is that Bushies fault too? His jobs plan is a verbatim copy of the proposals from the AFL CIO. Ask a businessman if he goes to the AFL CIO for advice on how to compete and sell more products. Don’t jobs have something to do with competition and selling more products?

What image do these people see when they look in a mirror? Do they cast shadows? What are they doing up and about in daylight? Have you seen any of them in church recently?

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