"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Create Jobs

Well let’s see. Let’s just go over all the programs and the ideas and the efforts to create jobs.

We’ve had bailout programs.

And, we’ve had stimulus spending programs.

TARP programs. Banks borrow anytime with any collateral.

Stop the bankruptcies; takeover the automobile companies. 

And, we’ve extended unemployment benefits.

And we’ve kept paying top dollar to all the government employees.

Lots of green jobs, wind power, ethanol, Chevy volt. Jobs?

Built a battery plant in Michigan. Unemployment rate: 12%.

And, we’ve kept tax rates low, even for the rich. Doesn’t seem to be working.

And, we’ve eliminated the cola for social security recipients. That didn’t work.

And, we’ve passed equal pay laws. Not sure it's helping.

Big payouts to pharmaceuticals, universities, PBS and farmers. Not a lot of new jobs.

And we’ve paid really rich pensions to all the government employees. Probably good for them, huh?

And, we’ve passed lots of anti discrimination laws. Doesn’t seem to be creating jobs.

We’ve scrutinized every product for defects and flaws. But, where are the jobs?

Paid lots of big settlements to lots of people. That didn’t work.

Lots of laws and bureaucrats to make sure the environment is clean. Jobs?

And we’ve let almost anyone into the country who wants in. That’s a good idea, huh?

Minimum wage keeps going up. That didn’t work.

And we make darn sure anybody can sue anyone for anything. Didn’t work, but the lawyers like it.

And we’ve let almost every government employee join a union. That didn’t work.

And the Fed has lowered interest rates to zero. C’mon that’s gotta work but apparently not.

Heck the Fed will order up currency for any reason and spread it around. Jobs result?

We’ve borrowed more in the last two years than the entire debt was in 1990. That’s right folks; we have borrowed more in the last 24 months, $3.2 trillion, than the entire country owed, the outstanding amount of US treasury securities, just 20 years ago. That should work!

What else can we do?

What haven’t we tried? We mean, that’s quite a list of efforts up there.

We can’t think of anything else we can do. How about you? You got any ideas?

Hmmnn. Let’s just think about this. We should be able to figure it out, huh?

We could ask employers to build their products here in the United States and create the jobs right here? We could have an advertising campaign to point out all the things we've been doing for them? We could have suggestion boxes to get more good ideas like the ones above. We look at the list above and we think we have pretty much tried everything we can do to create jobs. We just need to work harder at all these things. Do more of them. This is not time to give up on all these efforts to create jobs. No sirree, Bob.

Can you think of anything else we can do?

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