"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Short end of the Stick

We think there is such a thing as a thinking democrat.  An informed democrat.  A fact based democrat.  We just find it hard to find him/her. And we are not looking for a bunch of them.  Maybe just a couple.  They may not be extinct but they sure are endangered.  We grasp why so many democrats are not informed; unthinking; ignorant of facts.  We also grasp, and this may be the killer, why they don’t want change or experimentation or even thought/analysis/the possibility of innovation and change.  It is way too scary for their simple message – blame for all things rests with the well to do; those who will not share and open up both opportunity and rewards to the disadvantaged; the victims; the downtrodden.  Best to fight to the bitter end if necessary; literally destroy rather than retreat if needed, because otherwise the well to do will take it all and leave nothing but the short end of the stick for everyone else.

About half the country, consisting mostly of new citizens as well as urban challenged citizens and unthinking, minimally informed youth – well, they buy into this propaganda even though they are well fed; incredibly well entertained; have more opportunity that any group in world history and, this could be the problem, are laden with communication devices and other forms of electronic digitalized conveniences that now occupy much of their waking hours.  Oh, one more thing about them, and this may be the killer, they are phenomenally incurious.

This last characteristic, “incuriosity”, is and should be a concern.  When anyone just buys into someone else’s “bs” the likelihood of trouble rises.  If nothing else, the young should be concerned about debt.  The oldsters have no plan much less intention to do anything about it – and we mean oldsters at both ends of the stick.  If the youth were a tad curious, they would know that you could abscond with all Warren’s wealth and toss in the wealth of the Walton’s and the Gates and all those fancy silicon valley “entrepreneurs” who provide all those digitalized electronic convenience devices – and you still  would have a giant steaming pile of debt for the kids to payoff.

So, youth of America, here’s the deal –

You can either start to focus on it – make the oldsters pay it down, or…

…you can let us keep building it as we certainly will – unrepaid debt rises as sure as that tinder app is gonna get you hooked up sometime this weekend – and try to pass it along to your kids, if you have any but, and yes we know you are not going to process this, the reason you can’t find good jobs and the reason you too have a big pile of steaming student debt – it is all traceable directly; yes all the evidence points just one place – the very government that you support when you give them your unquestioning, incurious, ignorant support.

There is no magic bullet to deal with debt.  Printing money?  Like the Fed idiots have been doing?  Never works.  Never.  Adding to debt and letting inflation reduce its burden?  Find one example of that working.  Just one.  Miracle discoveries to make it go away?  Well, no one said you were smart or curious or inclined toward doing some research and analysis.  But no, no miracles for you youngsters – just more and more debt.  You have a vote and you keep asking for the short end of the stick.  Is there an app for that?

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