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Saturday, July 8, 2017

For Catholics and others

The fellow writing these few words is and has been a Catholic since beginning in his Mom’s womb.  Alas, not always a good one.  He thanks the good Lord for allowing some added time to shape up.

He came across this article and wishes to share it – http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/religion/article160165564.html

Not just because it is about a good guy; a good priest – but because times have changed and are changing and the idea of a married Catholic priest?  Well sounds pretty darn good to this old guy for a lot of reasons.  Other ideas and changes in the article are also worth considering and doing.

One of the things the priest in the article, Father McSweeney, says is, “…he’d like the church…to be more about hospitality and less about judgment.” 

And also – “McSweeney said he’d also support the church re-opening the door to married priests by making celibacy optional – as it was the first 1,000 years of Roman Catholicism.”

“First 1,000 years” – holy smokes folks – something is going on – something worthwhile.  We love America – mostly as it once was – not all that long ago – but we got a long way to go and we better start to shape up.

There is a lot more in this article – a lot more – a 75 year old guy who simply sees life as part of God and Jesus’ way of seeing and doing things.  Pretty darn good way of thinking we think.  He also says the “…Catholic population is booming…” and we notice it also and we are with him on his suggestion – as we recall Jesus didn’t say anything about married guys not carrying His message forward.  Heck, even as a disciple!

We simply are blessed to have good men like this – folks there are a lot of good men around – and not a one of them would be here were it not for a really darn good woman.

Thank you Father McSweeney – God Bless You.

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