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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A suggestion about uncertain “whatevers”…

We watch/read the offerings of two fellas – one recently left and one very much here.   Both are available for those with some concern about what we Homo sapiens are doing and have been doing and possible repetitive “whatevers” that may have some future applicability.   Here are the two men:

·         Winston Groom (1943 – 2020)  https://obits.al.com/obituaries/mobile/obituary.aspx?n=winston-francis-groom&pid=196822274 

o   Pick one of his works at your library… very worthwhile

o   You may end up gettin’/buyin' several… we sure did

·         Thomas Ross Keene (1952 –     )  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Keene_(radio_host)#:~:text=Thomas%20Ross%20Keene%20CFA%20(born,Bloomberg%20Television%20and%20Bloomberg%20Podcasts.

o   This good man has been around a while – we watch/listen to him each weekday morning early on Bloomberg TV

o   In an uncertain time… worthwhile time spent

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