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Friday, September 3, 2021

… the Golden Age of Stupidity

One man captures reality while a nation ignores it.   Or as we briefly word it… Homo sapiens history sure is repetitive!

Pls find/buy/borrow/access and read this spectacular but nevertheless miA (missin’ in America) offering entitled… You Are Living in the Golden Age of Stupidity by Lance Morrow


Folks, Mr. Morrow's words requiring perhaps 4 or 5 minutes of your valuable time from the miA article starting with these fundamental words…

We live in a golden age of stupidity. It is everywhere.

And ending with these…

At the Tower of Babel, the Lord—whatever his reasons—confounded the languages of the peoples of the world. I suspect he has found he can achieve the same effect by making everyone stupid.

Mr. Morrow offers his list of Homo sapiens brainless stupidity.   In America we id ‘em as 435/100/9/1++++000,000’s more overpaid nonproductive nincomPOOPs (my words…) lovin’ DEBT and irresponsibility by the trillions.

My closing words… weren’t most of us taught to flush POOP…?




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