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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Conflicted about Rights

Our recently reelected president and his supportive coalition are running around these days speaking like the white man of old in his dealings with native Americans – white man speak with forked tongue.  It seems they say one thing one day and a conflicting thing the next.  Mixed smoke signals perhaps.  Let’s take a closer look.

Should we have the right to work?  Which means we get a job and no one can make us pay to get the job?  No payments to anyone including a union representative?  That is the question.  Mr. Obama and his coalition think not.  It’s okay to impose a tariff on work.

Should we have the right to vote?  Unencumbered?  We get to vote and no one can make us pay to vote or show ID to vote or even proof of citizenship?  Mr. Obama and his coalition think, yes, no restrictions on vote.

So, vote – no restrictions.  Work – restriction okay.

Before we go on, ask yourself this question:  you find a bottle in the sand while walking the beach wondering when FEMA is going to arrive with some money for you to rebuild your damaged or destroyed house on the Jersey shore.  You rub the bottle and out pops a gorgeous gal wearing a diaphanous (that’s flimsy for our friends in the coalition of the wanting) outfit barely concealing her genie like attributes.  She says you get one wish from two choices – she can grant you only one and there are only two possibilities to choose from –

1.    You can get a good job and make a living – no strings attached, or

2.    You can get access to the polling place to vote – no ID required

Which would you choose?

We saw out brilliant young president address one of these possibilities yesterday – he told his fawning audience that this right to work thing was not an economic issue – it was a political issue.  In his next sentence he said it was about working for lower wages.  (Aside – now in a real world, someone with an IQ approaching high two digits might scratch their head and say something like, huh?  Who writes this crap for this man?  Or could he have been “winging it?”)

In any event, just like the busted clock that does get it right a couple of times a day, Obama got half of his point right.  It is politics and it’s his politics and the politics of his very needy coalition.

Most every idea or position or even legislation promoted by one politician or another is conflicted these days.  Simply because laws and rules – even court rulings; most certainly bureaucratic rulings are not founded on a principle.  They are founded in politics.  It’s a tough way to run a railroad, much less a country.  We are living the unbridled joy of a country caught up in its own knotted underwear.  All the way up to our collective windpipes to carry our metaphor to the point of strangulation.

It is obvious to some, maybe these days not even most, that without economic freedom – the right to get a job unencumbered; the right to open a business unencumbered; the right to farm your land; the right to mine the minerals on your land; the right to manufacture something or just assemble something; the right to sell something or buy something or trade something, most of the other niceties politicians and bureaucrats and Obama’s voting coalition yap about are just that – hot air – the hopeful wishes of a beckoning diaphanously attired gal of our dreams.

The fools running this country of ours are conflicted up to their eyeballs.  One hand literally does not know what the other hand is doing.  In the vernacular of Hollywood, America’s answer to Islam’s Mecca, the lunatics are running the asylum and the whole world sees it.  Half of these observers are just amazed and the other half are egging the lunatics on – hoping, waiting for the blowup.  Will it happen on 12/21/12?  No.  But it will be underway on 12/21/12.


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