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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cliffs – continued

In our last post with this title, we addressed three cliffs –

·         The “hecho en chine” cliff,
·         The bond cliff, and ‘
·         The fiscal cliff

We suggested that the one getting all the attention (fiscal) was a distraction tactic – that the other two were very significant; fiscal was peanuts.

We have more cliffs.  Yep, America is a cliff dwelling society but you’d never know from listening to the news sources or governing sources.  We are now the world’s most advanced cliff dwelling society – passing the ancient cliff dwellers of the American southwest.  We have cliff dwellers in New York and Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia and the eastern geographical region encompassing  Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia is entirely inhabited by cliff dwellers.  Here are three or four of their tribes:

·         The legal cliff dwellers.  Millions are now legal cliff dwellers – catapulting on top of  the highest ever recorded population of “lawyers” and completely dependent on a society based on litigation, laws, rules, courts, bureaucrats and judicial settlements.  Opening new communities weekly –  just opened up one called –“ Lily Ledbetter dwellers.”  Already sold out!.  Very affluent communities.

·         The military industrial cliff dwellers.  Been around for a long, long time.  These inhabitants have a very special skill – finding and making war.  They will seek a war even if it is halfway around the globe.  If they can’t find a war, they will fabricate a war.  They love war.  They live off war and they must be doing well – their cliff homes are really well built and look out over all the others.

·         The health care treatment dwellers.  This relatively new group of dwellers has discovered that the more sicknesses and health problems they can identify,  the more treatments they can sell to deal with the new found discoveries.  Almost everyone has something wrong with them and these dwellers have a procedure or a pill or therapy or some medicine that they will sell you – or your insurance company,  to “treat” your problem.  Coming on strong.

·         The public employee union dwellers.  America’s largest and still fastest growing cliff dwelling society.  They too don’t really make anything – or grow anything – or extract anything but they sure do have a lot of ideas for anyone who does make, grow or extract something.  And they get paid a lot for a group that doesn’t do anything but tell others what to do.  They hang together – real tight community.  Some think they will soon be in charge of all the people who work for a living  – many think that milestone was passed years ago.

So, that’s our cliff update – no need to report on the so-called “fiscal cliff” because it is a Hollywood media creation with full producer credits to the Democrat party.  They actually want to go over this cliff but they will blame the republicans for it.  They don’t have the leadership discipline to even try to make some cutbacks and balance the budget.  So, they will act as if the republicans “made me do it – go over the cliff.”

In the meantime we encourage you to find any information about the real cliffs – bond, hecho en chine, legal, military industrial, health care and public employee unions as described on these pages.  We do wonder what the archeologists in the 22nd century will make out of America’s cliff dwellers – all gone – disappeared – extinct.  We predict that it will be difficult for anyone to explain their existence 100 years from now.

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