"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bye – Bye Barack

Barack’s top act over eight years – massive debt – we will not and cannot get away from that top situation totally connected to this one guy.  This one guy has no clue what it takes to offer basic jobs and other forms of employment and some lower but reasonable earnings capabilities to either uneducated or simply folks who have limitations in what they can do to service or produce or otherwise participate in an economy.

Barack does not get it and never will.  Barack gets debt – plain and simple.

What he brought was himself and his attitude that it was all about him – except, of course, for those who had done something of some value but not necessarily economic or productive or job creating.  So bye- bye Mr. Barack.  We will do well without you and much better than we did with you.

We have read – actually studied a bit about the damage Barack has done to the Democrat Party.  Now we know that our media, at least 90+% of it that is, prefers to seldom discuss it much less offer some simple statistics about his damage.  We are not going to focus on it today other than to just mention a few components of Barack’s damage –

-       Under Barack more Democrats in more elected jobs in various places have simply lost their elected positions – gone.  For good?   We sure don’t know but we do know that it appears that the damage process he built to its highest level is still underway.  To which, Barack, we say a few things:
o   One, good for Americans for simply recognizing and reacting and then acting for the betterment of their home state, city, county and our nation, and
o   Two, for the dopey Democrats led by a number one dope – well done – the learning message and rather obvious historic nonsense promoted and, when possible, enacted by you dopes has destroyed you in a majority of our states
o   Alas, not the big states – California and New York – Illinois and a bunch of financially troubled northeastern states.  It will come
o   When we force our self to listen, albeit briefly, to you and yours all we can say/think/contemplate/realize are these simple and oh-so bright words coming from a Democrat not all that long ago – “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
o   Normally we would continue this listing of Barack’s nonsense but frankly Barack is apparently going to be dedicated to advancing his nonsense and doing the best job he can to get those remaining Democrats in office in DC to back him up.  To which we say – go for it.  As one who supports Mr. Kennedy’s brief but oh-so intelligent words about our basic responsibility as Americans all we can say is keep up your nonsense – it is our path to best and quickly getting rid of you
o   We wish to close with this statement to the new guy coming in – we have heard nothing about 20 TRILLION DOLLARS OF WASHINGTON DC FEDERAL DEBT from you.  Time to wake up and start to pay it down.  This one observer cannot think of one responsible adult human parent – regular women and men that is – who burden their children with even pennies of debt much less darn near unrepayable amounts.

The dopey Democrats are disappearing due to this obvious stupidity and simple wrong doing.  The 90+% of press idiots or call them what you may – not a word about these dopes!  What on earth is wrong with darn near all America’s press?  Well almost the same that is wrong with the debt lovin’ dope Barack.

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