"The most significant threat to our national security is our debt," Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, August 27, 2010

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wakeup Democrats

It is difficult to write an essay such as this one and not simply come across as a victorious nincompoop – or to simply connect it to someone we saw on TV a lot – the Clintons – and we still put the guy Clinton way ahead of the gal Clinton as one of America’s top dopes.  But, alas, Hill perhaps recognizing Bill’s decline, wishes the title.  If so, we most certainly will bestow it with an exception noted a bit later.

Now, what are we talking about?  Well, the easiest way if one doesn’t gather it from simply watching and listening to Hill and Bill over the past months is to offer this news report just published in today’s Chicago Tribune – front page –
“City tax-hike tab:  $1,700 a year”
“That’s average family’s cost for Emanuel’s budget increases”

That’s it folks.  What on earth has happened to America?  Are we fighting a conflict beyond all past conflicts?   Is our natural capability in such decline that we can’t grow food or raise animals to feed us?  Perhaps we are overwhelmed with a disease or some form of rapidly infecting ailment that can only be cured or controlled with massive additional payments to dopey nonsensical and overwhelmingly non performing government something’s or other?  Is that what is going on?

Folks – we pay our government’s way too much for things we don’t even care about.  We are not fighting for our lives.  We still have to find, in many situations at least, worthwhile education for our kids because the government version is simply a joke.  And pay separately for it.  We drain our resources for health care – for our family and loved ones – only to find out we are also paying for others who don’t have to pay for it.  Such a deal, huh?  But the one overwhelming and never – we mean never – discussed component of all this wasted nonsense are the millions of “employees” and other unneeded “dopes….” – and let us make this one statement loud and clear:
We do not include our military!
….who work for a government of which we, this beloved US of A, may well have more governmental workers than any other place ever in the history of the world!  We got ‘em in our towns, villages, cities – we got ‘em in our county’s – we got ‘em in our states – and then, as if that is not enough – holy smokes, we got a million or two in our federal government.

The dope Obama –  PTL, he will soon be departed to make a pile of money just like the two Clinton dopes have – this dope has only added – we use our larger type size –
A simple comment about this fact – did anyone hear either Hill or Donald talk about repaying some of this DEBT?  The dope Obama never said a word!

So, how do we close this essay with the title we used – Wakeup Democrats?  We really don’t wish to say much more – half of us recognized this overwhelming/massive need for a change.  Half did not.  Will Trump make the change?  Can he?  We have no clue.  All we knew was that the dope Hill would not.  And 90+% of America’s press or whatever one chooses to call these dopes – they say nothing about it!

Let us close with one simple, human observation/question – how many of us as parents load our children with debt from borrowed money we spent for ourselves?

We’re doing it now – big time!  Massively!  We should be ashamed!  It should be outlawed!


NDDillon said...

If Trump allows a tax cut on the highest earners, as he has indicated, we can expect the deficit to skyrocket. Obama, on the other hand, has done an amazingly good job on any number of levels.


Patrick Flynn said...

48,000,000 people on food stamps. Highest ever. Only U.S. president not to experience a growth gain of at least 3% in any of his 8 years in office. IRS used as a weapon against political opponents. Lowest % of home ownership in the last 50 years.Foreign policy a laughingstock by both allies and opponents, including the ' Apology Tour". Benghazi. Terror attacks on American soil worst ever.
Notable accomplishments all.

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