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Monday, February 18, 2019

What on earth is wrong with “60 minutes” – huh?

At times we – this old guy – wonder what on earth was going on about 250 years ago when our founders – just some regular good women and men – who did some rather basic (fundamental) things like work hard – obey the laws of their time – help others – not get paid for it – raise their kids and teach them basics – and do it day after day – not spend too much time complaining about this and that – oh, and then one more thing – they flushed the toilet of the then smelly ones simply to get back to the basics (see above) of living their life.

Yeah, this old guy wonders – what in the ____ is wrong with us – we the people – that we tolerate the ridiculousness of “60 minutes” (and others) much less buy the ____ that advertises and pays them with some of the money we may be stupid enough to spend on the ____.

Folks we love “press” freedom – we think our founders – good women and men (where are they now?) – recognized something a while back about this freedom.   Here is our brief freedom recognition statement – let the smelly ones play their game because we the people are smart enough to flush ‘em.

This toilet of ours is now overwhelmed – busted.   It stinks to high heaven.  And, yes, history teaches us – we are not alone in this smelly place of our own making.

TJefferson stated it simply, a while back – pls go to:  tjrs.monticello.org/letter/100

We close with a question for you to answer – who was he addressing?   Us – we the people?

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