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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Can’t we all just get along… huh? (300 words or less…)

So, consistent with the 1st few words above, here are several recent “facts” – borrowed from:  https://apnews.com/

Other findings in the new CDC report:

— Hispanic Americans have longer life expectancy than white or Black Americans, but had the largest decline in 2020. The three-year drop was the largest since the CDC started tracking Hispanic life expectancy 15 years ago.

—Black life expectancy dropped nearly three years, to 71 years, 10 months. It has not been that low since 2000.

—White life expectancy fell by roughly 14 months to about 77 years, 7 months. That was the lowest the lowest life expectancy for that population since 2002.

—COVID-19′s role varied by race and ethnicity. The coronavirus was responsible for 90% of the decline in life expectancy among Hispanics, 68% among white people and 59% among Black Americans.

—Life expectancy fell nearly two years for men, but about one year for women, widening a longstanding gap. The CDC estimated life expectancy of 74 years, 6 months for boys vs. 80 years, 2 months for girls.

Okay, did you read the above… huh?  If so and understandin’ (comprehend s'il vous plaît) that some folks simply blame us white boys for most all that doesn’t work or whatever while of course most of dem’ dar’ blamin’ folks (smellyones aplenty, aka “democrats” and media buffoons) take credit for all dat’ works, while yappin’ 24/7 in between endless advertisements for stuff that mostly pitches some form of better/longer/livin’/lovin’ life… tee hee hee.

Folks kinda reminds me of a funny hollywood scene in which one fella got a big kick out of his fart blastin’…????  Now its simply costly DC NOnSENSE!!!

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