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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Hillary Perspective

She obviously likes the attention – so here goes:

·         In case you have forgotten, it was just six years ago that she was the front runner for her party’s nomination for president.   JUST SIX YEARS AGO!  They abandoned her in favor of a novice; an unknown; and the rest is history; still unfolding.  Someone, somewhere in her Democrat Party know-it-alls might wish to analyze not why they picked the other guy but why they didn’t pick her.  This is not some right-wing false claim – her own party with its coalition of all black voters; most Latino voters and a large portion of white women voters did not want her.  Why?

·         She is not an attractive woman – America loves their celebrities – particularly the good looking, young women and men – they love the glamour and the imagery – a dowdy, chubby, pants suit covered up 69 year old?  Who is always right; never wrong – don’t think so

·         She exaggerates, constantly.  No, it is not accidental, it is neurotic.  Her most recent claim of poverty tells us she is not challenged in her inner circle, if she has one; instead they fawn around her.  If she were a republican she would be run off the stage by the media for her appearance; her behavior; her ignorance of issues; her lack of successful completions and accomplishments and her exaggerations

·         Lest we forget, she made up a story, out of whole cloth, just six years ago about landing under fire in a combat zone and bravely going about the people’s business.  All fabricated; made up in her self-benefiting  imagination to display something about her that she herself knows does not exist.  A less generous soul would call her a phony.  Let’s just say that she cannot be trusted and leave it at that

·         This world is vastly different than it was 20 years ago when Bubba took the oath.  At home, we are without a manufacturing base – illegal’s pour in thinking we can offer them a future – government unions, bureaucrats and lawyers now dominate much of our economy – we cannot repay our debt so we print currency and our legislators focus on anything but the above

·         Overseas, we are in need of strong alliances to contain a disintegrating scene.  We must build alliances that work with Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Germany and China.  Hillary is not respected in those places – due mostly to factors of her own making but also due to her gender.  This time in this world is no place for a silly, old woman who makes things up to look good
Our last three presidential winners were all men without accomplishment.  And their record, over 20+ years is horrible.  Our domestic economy is now attractive only to those who seek government employment – a sure sign of deterioration ala the soviet union collapse.  Speaking of which, from that collapse we now have a homeland dominated by gun toting, tank riding, swat team attired, privacy abusing, local and federal bureaucrats claiming a false mission of security.  Every major alliance of ours is in some version of decline in the midst of our domestic economy weakness and unchallenged Islamists and other opportunists going about their fanatical missions in Africa, the middle east and Asia.
We cannot discipline our own activities at home – we cannot build and maintain alliances abroad to contain petty challenges from Islamic opportunists.  On the domestic economy front, Ms. Clinton has no experience; on the foreign affairs front much of the deterioration occurred on her watch.  And we are thinking of making her president?   


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Patrick Flynn said...

Inevitably, she will seek the nomination of her party for the office of President and secure it easily.
Inevitably, she will promise to continue to give the 50% of the voters their free stuff.
Inevitably, this will render such questions as her role in the Benghazi disaster moot.
One question I am begging some intrepid soul will ask her during the campaign is " Mrs. Clinton, should you re-occupy the White House will you be returning the items you stole from it when you left?"
Finally, a chilling thought to ponder; Suppose she names her husband as her running mate? IT COULD HAPPEN!!