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Monday, February 8, 2021

A few worthwhile words…

Here they are… “A miscalculation was the idea that, despite the emergency, adherence to existing testing protocols would encourage public confidence. This has now been disproved. Surveys and lengthy news investigations show that tens of millions, including many health-care workers, distrust a product developed at speed behind closed doors in double-blind clinical trials.”

Source:   https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-virus-lessons-were-getting-wrong-11612562285?mod=opinion_featst_pos1

We encourage reading it and other critiques or attempts to describe and explain what the heck is really going on in America and elsewhere today – not the 24/7 endless political/media/others forms of nonsensical information.   Could possibly help one reevaluate who one might support, vote for, pay taxes to in this world of nonsense...

Folks it ain’t easy to type these few words – it’s even more difficult to print and share them – for a rather basic historically factual reason.  They are not going to be read much less pondered – most certainly not adapted or followed.  We the people are repeating negative Homo sapiens history in America today.

We are living and accepting a world of endless costly nonsense – we define it with a slight printable change to the word above – NOnSENSE!

We close this offering with one more simple but always avoided four letter word endlessly ignored by politicians and media and many other forms of overpaid unneeded nincomPOOPs (no its not POOP)…it’s




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